Jul 20, 2008

Fiddler not working with Microsoft Dynamic CRM Litware VPC.

Hi All,

As everybody know fiddler is the best HTTP debugger however when try using it on Microsoft CRM 4.0 Litware.com VPC. It showed error "Unable to bind to port [Localhost:8888]. This is usually due to another service running on this port."

Follow the below steps to get it work and get started using fiddler on your VPC.

1.Change the port of fiddler from 8888 to 8889.go to Tools->Fiddler Option->Listen Port

2. Access the Microsoft CRM using "http://moss.litwareinc.com:5555/loader.aspx" instead of http://localhost:5555 as fiddler can't capture localhost request.

Amol Gholap

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