Jul 30, 2008

Plug-in event for associated view in CRM

I saw the post on forum. The user need to do some action of associated view click.

Consider a scenario we have an account and It’s associated contacts and when we open an account record & click the associated contacts, we want to our plug-in the event to fire.

Here we go.

1. Configure a step of message RetrieveMultiple and select primary entity as contact. Register this event in parent pipeline.
2. Now put a debug point in your plug-in. This is very important step which we normally miss.
3. Open an account record.
4. Now click associated view of contact. It should fire your RetrieveMultiple event of contact.
5. But keep this one thing in mind. After retrieval, MS CRM caches the data for contacts . So we would only see RetrieveMultiple firing once while loading data. After this MS CRM would get the data from cache.
6. However you are able to see this event firing whenever you click refresh button of associated view in grid.

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