Aug 20, 2008

Field Level Security in Microsft Dynamic CRM 4.0

Hi All,

One of our client had requirement in which he was allowing user to view my CRM record. However, he wanted to restrict user from displaying of some field such as Price, Discount.

Let say, Product is entity which contain all the information with Price and Discount. Product buyer should not be able to display the product Price and Discount.

We achieved this by creating a custom role say “Display Price” and assigned to a user which can see product Price and Discount.

On form load using JavaScript we check whether user has the permission to see these fields or not. If not then disable the fields or hide the field.

Thus we achieved the field level security in Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0.

Refer thislink for javascript code

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Amol Gholap.

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Look my post about Field Level Security.

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