Dec 6, 2011

CRM 2011 Teams & Queues

Some of the most important considerations regarding teams include:

  • Most record types can be directly assigned to a team. After creating teams, security roles can be assigned to them and users added as members.
  • Users added as members of a team inherit the team's security privileges in addition to those derived from the user's security roles.
  • Users from different business units can be assigned to the same team.Records assigned to such a team will then be available to all team
    members without having to give users organization-level security privileges.

Some of the most important considerations regarding queues include:

  • Cases and activities are automatically enabled for queues; most other record types can be but require a simple customization to do so.
  • Optionally, records enabled for queues can be configured to automatically create corresponding queue items when a record is created or assigned.
  • Queues are user-owned, which means that a user or groups of users can have access to certain queues without requiring access to all

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